The president of 2-ET Media Networks shared an inspiring  story of how he sold his car to start the first edition of his Reality Show (Unleash Ur Creativity) A Film Capacity Building Project Design to empower Youths.

Mr. Emmanuel Eyaba shared this on his Facebook Page
He said and quote:
“When we started in 2015, It was through pain and sacrifice, the only support we got in 2015 was from my Sister in-law Victoria Michael she gave me 100k for hall and made T shirts for all the participants. The participants contributed money to cook for themselves, slept in an abandoned government building and we came out of Season 1. Sheraton Hotel was empty but for the participants and few friends. A comedian whom I invited even walked away thinking we did not know what we are doing.

I sold my car for 200,000 without telling my wife just to pay for the hall to be used for the final.

I came out with so much debt I thought I was going to die. But gradually God took care of everything.

Not too long again the journey for Season 2 began and this time around, partnership came from NTIC Foundation and it was easy.

UUC 3 began and EEC came on board and we had an elaborate press conference. The MTN Nigeria got involved and the rest is history.

The journey has been worth the stress because I know the participants go home better than they came.

I want to use this opportunity to thank my brother and friend Joseph Endy Ogbuka for believing in us, my wife and friend Patt La'face Ogar Eyaba for ever supporting me, My partner Ofem Oboma for being part of the project, Bertha Awa for making me know EEC Husayn Zaguru for being very supportive, Sustain Fse for your commitment, name mention will be an issue but for all past participants who came to be part of this great vision, I say thank you. Unleash Ur Creativity Night of Stars & Awards 2018 ”

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