UNLEASH UR CREATIVITY  (UUC) is a FILM capacity building project created for young filmmakers to be trained in the art and science of filmmaking with the aim of de-populating the increasing number of unemployed Nigerian youths. Transforming them to be self-employed and afterward employers of labor.

60 young Filmmakers of various categories are selected and camped for 14 days, while in camp professional filmmakers and celebrities are invited to train and share their experiences with these participants. Finally participants are divided into teams and topics will be given to each group to make short films.
 Photos of some of the past event.

At the end of 14days the movies produced will be screened by professional filmmakers and the general audience. The best group will be empowered financially to produce a feature film with 10 million naira and a one year production contract with 2ET MEDIA NETWORK. This automatically makes these young filmmakers equipped and relevant to the film industry.

Photos from the Season 2 Edition

The Film industry plays a vital role both in the economy and in the lives of viewers who want the best, constantly comparing our local movies with the western world without considering the cause of the Leopard’s stripes. On the other hand, the passion for the arts and getting it right irrespective of the challenges has kept a few dogged filmmakers still thriving for excellence.

Season 2 Participants in the Camp

It was from this basis that UNLEASH UR CREATIVITY was conceived, born and nurtured by American trained Filmmaker and CEO of 2ET Media Network, Emmanuel Eyaba. This vision has grown into a massive tree, impacting thousands of youths in Nigeria and Diaspora.``
UNLEASH UR CREATIVITY has transformed many Jobless Nigerian youths to self-dependent, productive and successful filmmakers.
Emmanuel Eyaba who was recently featured by OhafiaTV talks about the X-rays in details what UUC3 is all about and how it has been of tremendous asset to the young and aspiring talents that abound in Nigeria and beyond.
“OTV: What is UUC all about? Can you throw more light on this popular program?
ANS: UUC Nigeria is a film capacity program designed to give an opportunity to the young and talented film makers to express themselves.
You see, a lot of talents has died in many people because they could not see the opportunity to birth and nurture these talents to fruition and maturity. That is the point we are trying to make, that is the monster we are trying to fight by giving them a starting footing with the right training that will bring out the best in them.
A lot of filmmakers abound but they have not been given an opportunity to showcase their God given talents. At UUC Nigeria we camp and train this filmmakers for 14 days by members of the directors guild of Nigeria.
They are now given topics to make short films and the winning team will be empowered to do a bigger project thereby they all become known through their works.
OTV: Wow! That’s soothing! So what are your plans and how do you think this program can contribute to capacity development in Nigeria?
ANS: All young filmmakers need an opportunity and we are creating that for them to showcase themselves to the world. The basic and primary target is to build and develop their capacity by training them in the areas of their natural interest and when they become what they are destined to be, Nigeria will be at liberty to enjoy the contribution they will be making and the world as well will feel their contribution. That is why we are serious about this program. That is why we are ready to make every possible sacrifices to ensure that we contribute our quota to making Nigeria great by building the youths and developing their capacity for positive impact in the society.
OTV: Are you getting any support from the government?
ANS: No support from the government yet. It has been personal cash all these while. But you know what? Great things start small.
I am optimistic that time will come when our effort will be appreciated at large and I know the support will come from; not just the government, but from a very wider spectrum of individuals and private partners. There’s no going back for us.
OTV: What are the challenges you’ve faced since inception?
ANS: Funding has been our major challenge. For instance, camping, feeding, Equipment, funds for the winning team. All these have made us to feel like throwing in the towel, but we can’t because participants are happy as the program has been of blessing to them. That alone is our greatest driving passion. Their happiness makes us stronger.
OTV: Where or how do you want the government to be of help?
ANS: Funding! we have been trying to raise money for the winning teams to do work but it has been really difficult though we believe that very soon this will be sorted out.
While at it, I want to say special thanks to Entrepreneurship Enhancement Center, our collaborating partners, MTN, Nikon Nigeria, Directors Guild of Nigeria, JYB TV who have agreed to partner with us this year. I am really optimistic that more partners will come in. We are positive.
OTV: Any words of advice and encouragement to the aspiring UUC3 participants?
ANS: Yes! My advice for them is simple – Stay focused and be creative, the sky will be stepping stone to where you are going to.”
In the countdown to the 3rd edition of this greatest talent hunt and capacity building program in Nigeria tagged #UUC3 that has helped to groom and nurture budding talents in Nigeria, Africa and around the world for the past three years and counting.
In the build up to Unleash Ur Creativity Nigeria Season 3 (UUCNigeria3), Hopes are high, tension heightened and expectation ripe.
Some expected Legendary Lecturers are as follows:-

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