On his message to celebrate Nigeria @ 57, He wrote and i Quote
"My dear and abiding patriotic youths, leaders ,followers, citizens of our great and dear nation state( Nigeria) and all those on the rostrum in one state or the other celebrating the very essence ( the independent) of Nigeria today, accept my warm regards and congratulation.
The struggle for independent after the payment of 865,000 pounds
by the British government to the Royal Niger Company in 1900 with the aim of taking up the territory and it's administration which they did,leading to the amalgamation of 1914...

" England, has declined to grant to coloured colonies those rights of self government which it freely gives to white men"Pan-African Congress 1945

This Pan-African Congress observation and other factors led to the first delegation of Nigeria to London, England in July 1947( The NCNC Delegation) with the composition of the likes of Jaja A. Wachukwu, Funmi Ransome Kuti, Adedoyi, etc
Jaja A. Wachukwu, speaker of the House and the spoke person of the delegation make it clear in his term as follow
 Comrade Edwin Wisdom at the Tomb of  the late Sir Ahmadu Bello the Sardauna Sokoto and premier of Northern Nigeria,

"We have come to the United Kingdom as delegates of National Council of Nigeria and Cameroon chosen by our people in order to demand for a more Democratic constitution to modify four laws affecting our lives,minerals and chips and to request the British government to grant us more political responsibilities to enable to take more active part in the management of our affairs within the frame work of the British empire"

This transcends into a more rigorous agitation for the independent of African countries, leading to the independent of Nigeria and other African countries.

Our dear compatriots ( The Nationalist) whom fought for the independent of Nigeria walked through desolate valley and across the trying hills, they walk on the meandering highways ,drenched but rested not. Their bodies were tired and their feet were somewhat sore yet they marched us onto the Glorious 1st October, 1960.

Please, let observe a minute silence in their honour!!!

Today I stand amidst the independent celebration in my consciousness and think back over that great struggle by our Nationalist, I can say, as Sister Pollard, a seventy year old Negro woman who lived in a community during the bus boycott in America and one day, she was asked while walking if she didn't want to ride. And when she answer " No", the person said, " aren't you tired? And with her ungrammatical profundity, she said, " My feet is tired, but my soul is rested." Yes, this day we can say we have done enough, we have stayed together for too long a time yet nothing is walking but let assure of our great future together as an indivisible nation state.

Now it is not an accident that the amalgamation of the 1914 brought us together as a nation state as our thinking, actions and inactions did.

Just Seven years after independence ( 1967) in this very country, a new philosophy was born of the Ibo (Eastern) secessionists struggle for the Republic of Biafra which electrified the country leading to the Nigeria civil war after the failed Aburi peace attempt in Ghana by General Joseph Ankrah in 1967. 

The civil war was conquered by peace on the 16th day of January, 1970 with Gen. Gowon receiving his Eastern Brother at at Dodan barracks Lagos through col. Obasanjo then commander of the three brigades commandant while Major Gen. Effiong led the Eastern Brothers.

Gen. Gowon in his speech says...
We have fought along bitter battles and it has ended.
It is victory for common sense, victory for the unityof this country and we have got course to thank all the people of this country for all they have done to help to keep this country as one. Above all, the gallant officers and men who has given their life that this nation might live"
Major Gen. Effiong in his respond...

"I, Major Gen. Philip Effiong, officer administering the government of the republic of Biafra wish to make the following declaration that we affirm We loyal Nigeria citizen and accept the authority of
the federal military government of Nigeria, That we accept the existing administrative and political
structure of the federation of Nigeria .

That any future constitutional arrangement will be worked by the representatives of Nigeria.
That the republic of Biafra hereby ceases to exist"

This development arrested the tension and brought peace back to Nigeria and its concomitant nation building responsibilities on all Nigerians starting from the military federal government with the enactment of the three(3) R policy and the No Victor, No Vanquished mantra.

Yet, strangely,Forty -seven (47) years after the Nigeria civil war comes an ideology known as the Indigenous People of Biafra ( IPOB) the leader of this movement began awakening the Eastern Brother for secession from Nigeria.
A music legend once said...
"What takes wise men thousands of years to build take one stupid fool a day to destroy"
Shall we wait for the labour of our heroes past to be destroyed by the reckless action of an individual?
Should we act prudently to salvage father land from destruction through peace education, nonviolent and tolerant for one another?

We need to internalise the idea of peace and nonviolent, not many folks spend time trying to be peaceful.

If you will join me in this improbable quest, if you feel destiny calling,and see as I see a future of endless possibility stretching before us;if you sense as I sense, that the time is now to shake off our slumber, slough off our fear,make good on the debt we own past and future generations, then i'm ready to take up the cause and march with you, and work with you. Together, starting from today, let us finish the the work that needs to be done and usher in a new birth of PEACE in Nigeria.

Dear Patriot, we are not as divided as our politics suggests. We are not as cynical as the pundits believe. We are greater than the sum of our individuals ambitions and we remain more than collection of Hausa, Ibo and Yoruba, etc; more than the collection of Christian and Muslim etc . We are and forever will be one Nigeria.

Our own part we must pay profound sacrifices and commitments to an enduring peace in Nigeria.

Happy Nigeria @57
Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria
Long Patriotic Youth Network for Peace
Long live lovers of peace in Nigeria
Sign: Comrade Onwe Edwin Wisdom
Patriotic Youths Network for Peace

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