Big Brother housemate, Tobi Bakre has today reaffirmed his commitment to winning the 45 million naira Big Brother Naija prize money.

In a heart-to-heart session with Alex, he said: “I am here for the money.”
Tobi who expressed his love for Alex, hinted that he liked her so much but his love for the money was stronger.

“I like you a lot, Alex.  But I am here for the money and I will compete against you for the money. However, I will not kill you or do anything that will hurt you for the money.”

Tobi encouraged Alex to be more competitive, not just for herself but for her family as well.

Alex divulged that she came from a humble background where she had to source for various means in paying her younger siblings fees as her parents income were very little, compared to the expenses they incurred as a family.
She also explained that coming into the house was her last resort.

Tobi urged her to approach every task with a winning mentality, putting her best foot forward, using an example of his behavior in the house.

“I look forward to winning the Head of House challenge every time. I am here for the money and every other is extra and important as well.”

Tobi expressed how happy he was winning the Nokia challenge. He did well to advice Alex to up her game.

“Always put your best foot forward. Now that you realise you are doing this not just for you but for yourself and your family, avoid letting negative people affect your vibe,” Tobi said.

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