President Muhammadu Buhari on Saturday described the leadership of the opposition People's Democratic Party as drowning men who wouldn't mind clutching at any straw for political survival.

Buhari, in a statement by his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, said the PDP's decision to drag the All Progressives Congress and the Independent National Electoral Commission to the United Nations alleging plan to rig the 2019 general elections was not only laughable and puerile, but also demonstrated the level of desperation haunting the opposition leaders.
Shehu said by dragging the UN into its political propaganda, the PDP was indirectly suggesting that it was afraid to face the voters in 2019.
According to him, "rigging is PDP’s main area of core competence and its party leaders are drowning men who won't mind clutching at any straw for political survival."
He said President Muhammadu Buhari was passionately committed to free and fair elections in Nigeria "and for a man who joined forces with local and international observers to ensure a free and fair election which brought him to power in 2015, the president would under no circumstances tolerate any attempt to derail constitutional democracy.

"The outcome of the gubernatorial elections in Edo, Ondo and Anambra States stand as clear examples of President Buhari's commitment to free and fair elections in the country, and Nigerians should indeed be wary of PDP's desperate propaganda.
"For the PDP to be  preaching free and fair elections is like a street-walker preaching about chastity. We must recall that the PDP  postponed the 2015 general elections in the guise of national security challenges because defeat was staring it starkly in the face. However, despite the delay tactics, it was resoundingly defeated when the polls finally held."
He said the PDP had lost every moral ground and was mortally afraid of facing the 2019 general elections "because Nigerians will always remember their past and punish them one  more time for economically plundering the country.
"Rather than hiding behind allegations of a plot to rig the elections, the opposition party should work harder to win back the  trust of voters instead of spreading  false alarm to gain international sympathy."
"It is unfortunate that the PDP is desperately trying all dirty tricks, including the exploitation of tragedy, for political advantage."
Shehu urged the PDP's leadership to stop raising false alarms in order to gain public sympathy and divert attention from its abysmal past record and failures.
He said the opposition's leaders should, instead, address the concerns raised about their role in the mass data harvesting at the heart of the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, following the revelation that they hacked into Candidate Buhari’s personal data in the run up to the 2015 general elections.

The presidential spokesman maintained that nothing undermines a country’s democracy as such unfair practices.
"That is why President Nixon resigned to avoid impeachment when they hacked into the opposition, Democratic Party records, and this is why a Special Counsel is investigating the alleged Russian interference in the US presidential election, and if President Donald Trump’s campaign is complicit in the attempted subversion of democracy in that country.

"The Cambridge Analytica hacking scandal committed against  Candidate Buhari by the PDP in 2015 in which billions of Naira was paid out to the Israelis and others hackers has shown that the former ruling party lacks both the integrity and credibility to talk about election rigging.
"Instead of explaining their role in the scandal, the nation is greeted by stunning silence. Do they think this will simply blow away?," Shehu quizzed.

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