The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, has said nothing can ever make him change his mind about the struggle for an independent state of Biafra.
According to him, it is either “Biafra or death.”

Kanu stated this in Umuahia during an interview with Kadaria Ahmed of ‘THE CORE’ – a programme on Channels Television.

He disclosed that he would not push for a civil war to achieve Biafra independence but would employ the truth which he described as a ‘more potent and deadlier weapon than bullet and mortars’.

Kanu maintained that had all the ethnic nationalities in Nigeria come together to choose for themselves the kind of country they wanted, he would have soft-pedaled on the struggle and submitted to a united Nigeria. However, such a move is too late because many people have died in the course of Biafra agitation.

He also expressed his distrust and disgust at the dishonesty of most Nigerian political leaders.
He said: “No, I have not changed my mind. An independent Biafra means going back to where we were before the Whiteman came. I am talking about total independence from Nigeria.
 “Nothing can ever happen to make me change my mind about this direct of independence for Biafra. It is either Biafra or death.

“I will not go to war because truth is a far more potent and deadlier weapon than bullet and mortars. I have absolutely ruled out war from the struggle.

“When I say Biafra or death, I mean I will keep pushing either I am alive or dead in the process, I won’t stop.

“Had sovereign national conference been convened by the powers that be, where every ethnic nationality group sit down to ask what type of country do we want; sit down discuss and agree; I can begin to perhaps submit.

“But it is way too late because they have killed so many people. They have ruined so many lives. They have wasted too many souls. How do we bring those people back?

“I can no longer change my mind because of the deceptions of the past. No trust Aburi was there it was negotiated. Nothing happened. And the confab report? What became of it? How about the 3 Rs; Reconciliation, Reconstruction and heaven knows what.

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