Most doctoral degree students get frustrated and abandon their studies because their supervisors take a long time to assign research topics to them, Vice Chancellor of the University of Abuja, Prof Michael Adikwu, has said.

He stated this while presenting a paper titled, ‘Redefining the Education Ecosystem in the Face of the Fourth Industrial Revolution-To Be or Not to Be?’ at the 5th edition of the Digital Africa Conference and Exhibition in Abuja.
He said post doctoral fellowship was effective in knowledge transfer but that in many Nigerian universities, students hung around for a year or more before their supervisors assigned topics to them. 
“Some become frustrated and abandon their studies thereby denying the academic system of very brilliant minds,” he said.
He further said academic theft was on the rise all over the place to the extent that PhD dissertations were plagiarised.  
 “If our curriculum from the time of independence till date had not only focused on petroleum and its products, but also on palm oil and its applications, groundnuts, etc, Nigeria would not be talking about recession today,” he also said.

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