So even animals are against lies and adultery as a parrot almost sent his owner to jail when the family pet exposed the owner’s affair with the housemate to his wife.

The parrot exposed the love affair by quoting flirty phrases its owner says to the housemates in front of the wife who has been suspecting the alleged love affair for some time.

She had wondered for a while about her husband’s relationship with their maid at their home in Kuwait, according to Al Shahed Daily.

As it is a crime punishable by prison sentence or hard labour to engage in adultery in Kuwait where the couple lived, the wife immediately took the parrot to the police station as evidence so her husband can face the wrath of the law.

Fortunately for her spouse, the authorities said the hoot by the parrot could not be admitted in court because it could not be proved that the bird hadn’t heard the intimate conversation on TV or the radio

Even though the case has made headlines around the world,  it’s not the first time a parrot has snitched, as in 2006, a bird reportedly revealed his owner Suzy’s affair with a work colleague by shouting out ‘I love you Gary’ in front of her boyfriend – whose name was Chris

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