The Makarfi-led faction of the Peoples Democratic Party says there is nothing to celebrate today as Nigeria marks Democracy Day.

The PDP Caretaker Committee in a statement by its spokesperson, Mr Dayo Adeyeye, criticised the All Progressives Congress-led government for what it described as suppression of the opposition in a democracy.

According to the PDP faction, President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration is full of despondency, ambiguity, repression and depression.

“We would have simply wished Nigerians happy celebrations but there is nothing to celebrate from this APC government which represents confusion in its entirety,” it said.

The PDP Caretaker Committee also criticised the anti-corruption war of the Buhari administration, saying the efforts have resulted in nothing but mere noise.
Accusing the APC-led government of ignoring the achievements of the PDP in fighting corruption, it said, “The question is what has the APC done to fight corruption? Nothing! Yes, indeed, nothing except noise, hounding, torturing, flouting of court orders and vilification of opposition leaders and members in and out of courts/incarcerations without proving anything…”

On the economy, the PDP faction said Nigerians have never been this hungry in their entire lives, adding that the Federal government under the PDP created 500,000 jobs per annum, while more than 4.5 million people have lost their jobs under the current administration.

“No doubt, economic activities and an enabling environment is the basic response to recession but experience and requisite skills are alien to the APC in this regard,” it said while also criticising the Federal Government for the increase in the price of fuel, high inflation rate, and drop in the value of the naira.

In terms of security, it said the Federal Government has failed to stop attacks by herdsmen, claiming also that the weapons being used for the war against insurgency in the Northeast were acquired by the previous PDP administration.

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