In an interview with some news men.

How did you know about the mountain-climbing competition?

I heard on radio that there would  be mountain climbing competition as part of the Jos carnival. On the day for the competition, we were screened and kits were given to participants.

What inspired you to participate in the competition?

I remember some years back, I watched a film involving a scene on mountain-climbing. I saw women participated and won. Therefore, when I heard about the competition, the memory of that film struck me. That inspired me to participate in the competition. What also motivated me was the prize they said they would give us. I thought when I get something reasonable, I would start trading.

Did you practice mountain-climbing before you participated?

I have never climbed a mountain in my life, because I hail from Tilden Fulani in Bauchi State and there are no hills there.

What was the feeling after you came down?

Honestly, it was difficult to climb the mountain and more difficult coming down, because you have to use your hands, buttocks and anything that would support you to come down, so after the competition I had body pains and my legs were swollen for hours. It was the dust we inhaled during the climbing that brought catarrh for me.

Before participating did you expect to win?

Not at all. I just wanted to try my luck. I am someone who likes doing anything well. I believe that anything that is worth doing is worth doing well. I was jittery at first and the medical team, after checking me, said I had blood pressure. It was after a second test that I was certified fit. They told me I was nervous initially.

How many of people participated?

We were 30 out of which 12 were women. While climbing many participants collapsed, some fell and sustained injuries. It was a bitter experience that brought joy at the end, because a lot of people congratulated me and I felt honoured.

Would you want to participate in such competition again?

Yes, I will participate.  Infact, if I will get support from government, company or individuals, my dream now is to be number one in the world in mountain-climbing.

Now that you have won, will that be a motivation to continue?

Yes, I will be doing that.  It would be part of my exercise now and it is good for health.  I wouldn’t relent in my hope now that one day, I will still get the opportunity to participate in another mountain climbing competition.

What is your advice to females on the importance of such competitions?

When such competition is holding, let them participate, because they don’t know where it would take them to. But before then, they should be practicing to know whether they can do it or not

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