The singer said that he has placed his marital destiny in God’s hands. He said, “It’s in the making. I’m letting God take over because it’s not easy to get a perfect woman not to talk of a perfect man. Right now, I’m concentrating on my album which is almost ready; it’s just the collaborations with artistes that’s delaying its release.”

Sparing some advice for young ones in the industry, he said, “Work hard and never give up because you never can tell when you will achieve your goals.”
On persons that have shaped his career, Faze said, “I don’t have a specific person in life but people like Fela and Bob Marley, who have motivational words, have influenced me.”
When asked to name his most memorable song, the former Plantashun Boiz singer said, “I really cannot say because when I view the comments from people on most of my songs, it’s hard for me to choose. However, the songs that have huge impact on my fans are my favourites because I sell my songs to them, not to myself. But I’m in love with the songs, Faze Alone and Originality.”

The singer also noted that ‘finding his kind of sound and music that connects with his fan base’ was the toughest part of his career. “But I’ve found it now,” he added gleefully.

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