With the situation in Nigeria the Igbos are at a political crossroads, and require an audacious voice to lead and speak for them in national affairs, says former Secretary All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) United States of America chapter, Chief Okwukwe Ibiam.
He explained that Ohanaeze Ndigbo presidency offers Chief John Nnia Nwodo an unpretentious spotlight to advance the Igbo realm in Nigeria.

In a press release made available to The AUTHORITY in Abakaliki yesterday, Ibiam said that the Igbo are counting on Nnia Nwodo's reach, noting that, ”Presently, the Igbo stake in the Nigerian political sphere floats, Igbo sons and daughters have difficulty keeping faith with any political dispensation. Their political beliefs seem unrooted with any ideological alignment or political focus”.

He expressed worries that the Enugu/Port Harcourt and Enugu/Onitsha Expressways have become national embarrassment.
“State Governors in Igbo States now rehabilitate federal roads in Igbo land from their lean budgets so as to keep alive mobility of factors of production. Whereas 70% of power generated in China is from coal and 40% of America’s power is from coal the coal in Enugu which is a federal resource continues to lie unexploited. Ebonyi State continues to bring up the rear in federally allocated resources in spite of its mineral endowments of salt and lead.

“Nwodo's new presentation offers him the unenviable job of whipping the Igbo political class into line, regarding a unified presentation for the Igbo on issues of ethnic and Nigerian national importance, and results from same. At the APGA Think-Tank Nigeria, It is our opinion that Nwodo's articulations since his election holds promise for the Igbo. He has served Igbo issues on a platter to all. Hiding nothing, and putting all - Friend and foe, on notice. He has also offered a wide berth to embrace any and all relevant viewpoints to help attain the Ohanaeze mission,” he said.

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