Guess which school is this?

This Nigerian University cuts Students Hair at the gate

Caleb University is a private university located in Lagos state Nigeria. Known for its decency and disciplinarians, the school is also said to be very strict about its rules.

The university caused a stir recently after employing stringent measures to ensure students comply with a law that says male students must wear a low hair cut within the campus premises.

According to a student who shared the story, barbers were seen stationed at gate to make sure that all students who came back with grown hair, have their hair cut before entering the school.

Some on social media are not finding it funny, some went as far as describing Caleb University as a glorified secondary school, with too many rules. But the students know the rules before getting.

If only the students know that the school is breeding future leaders that can be dependable and reliable, they will thank their stars not coming on social media to condemn their school authority but this shows the background of the disgruntled students

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